Who is Brea Simone?

Dedicated, motivated, and independent; Brea Simone is a woman of hard work and success. 27 years old and a proud native of Connecticut, Brea Simone strives herself on providing a positive platform for others to create and gain awareness from her extensive network of talented individuals.

Brea guarantees if she cannot find a solution for what you may need, she will connect you with someone who can. Whether it's a category such as art, music, photography, personal training, etc; your point of interest will become connected instantly.

Her ideas become reality when she does event planning in Connecticut. Events she specializes in include listening parties (private or public), artist showcases, conferences and more. The possibilities are endless.

For more information on Brea Simone, her work and services, or to get in touch regarding networking and business inquiries, feel free to reach out to her. A dot can be connected at hello!

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